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tv   Today  NBC  September 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:44pm EDT

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? ? from nbc news this is "today." with kathy lee we're in studio 1a. hello everybody. you made it to hump day it's wednesday september 14th and we're glad that you are with us. who is that? >> that's low cash. >> i don't know them. before kardashians there was paris hilton. now, the really beautiful air is the head of a business empire and has exciting news to share
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writers the past 40 years. >> yes. >> three time oscar winner olive stone is here. i watched it last night and i am walking around in a totally paranoid state. >> doesn't it change your mind on everything? >> yeah, i don't want my phone. >> sorry. we're on live tv right now. >> i want to cover every camera up. >> it was a scandal and it still is. no matter how you feel about it, you're going to learn stuff about him. >> yeah, edward snowden is played really well. >> yeah, and then the texting. too much texting is going to change the way that you're tailgating. what is going to keep you cozy.
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>> all right. are you ready? okay. here we go. >> happiness looks gorgeous on you. source anon. >> thank my favorite. don't you love it when you truly see someone happy. expect in the end zone. >> we're going to talk about it. >> okay. we have a debate going and we on monday night antonio brown got unsportsman like conduct and he twerked after the second score of the night. touchdown and then twerk twerk twerk. okay. so any way, he did that and for that he got a 15 yard penalty for excessive celebration and a fine and that's two percent of the salary.
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so they called the whole thing back. >> they added the ball on to the kick off. >> okay. you know they would stop doing it if they took the touchdown out. >> touchdown away. >> i can't speak. if they took it away, they would stop doing it. >> so the question -- any way this guy was fined 12 grand for that. now, there's a special it's section 3 and it's called unsportsman like conduct and it's prohibited. excessive celebrations. >> it's excessive if a player continues to celebrate after a warning. >> he did not have time to warn him. he just scored. >> i think that you can tell how we feel about this. >> you can tell how we feel about this. >> is it okay?
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should it be a rule that player celebrations be penalized? right now it's a rule. i say that it should not be a rule because i like to see joy. >> oh. oh. oh. >> happiness looks gorgeous on you. i love to see someone celebrating. after i score i'm dancing in the audience and it's like yay. i say let them celebrate. i'm not saying to let them go crazy. the twerking and how long does it take? >> so what is your opinion on the twerking and just dancing in the end zone. >> it's not jt cebratg.t'hy w>> know what the nfl influenced by what frank thought. iived wanhe greatestyeto
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happens i can see mnd sitting there and sav befo. i think that's so sexy. i'm sorry. >> yeah. >> act like you have been there before. >> so in honor of my husband that's very epp set with me if i did not vote for him. this is a vote for frank gifford. >> now, i kind of want to vote for you. i sort of want to vote for you to unsportsman like behavior. that's what he thought it was. >> you know what is funny. i took what he says goes and i'm going thousarow in my wine. when you say bolt celebrated and the personality, it was a joy. it was child like. >> yeah, happy for the person. you really are. i think twerking has no place in the nfl.
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it's a matter of class sometimes. you're going win this one because there's no class in the world. >> maybe. >> yes, you will. it's all changed for them. >> remember when they used to say that dancing was always evolved. remember when they said that dancing were pornish. >> you don't think that twerking is pornish? >> well, it has the billboardtads in talks r bowl show. >> she is awesome and performed at last year's super bowl 50. that was the one that they all sang. >> she is now in preproduction of the star and costars and directed by bradley cooper. she is going write and foerm for
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beautiful people in the world. e reports that she is ded a audrina. >> they met in rio. she was doing ryan's show and that was just down the beach from where we were. they started to post these pictures and she posted the pictures and called him ryan charismatic and handsome.
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it was like you can't stop looking at this woman. she is perfect. you know what i just remembered because we're having the amazing olive stone. i can't forget. can i tell a personal story? >> yeah, tell it. >> one day i answered the phone and it was alpachino and he is about to do a movie called any given sunday. he said that i'm olive and we're going this movie and can you help us and talk to frank. i approximate pput frank on the that ty cod go backstage and see what it's really like. that's where it's similar to what olive did and he we want to
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making a movie. >> he has a coameo. we're going do a shout out in nasville. >> yeah, there's a brand new show that comes on after us and highlights stars on the road. >> so we want to wish you all of the luck. hello to this lady. >> she leads anything but a simple life and we're talking of paris hilton. >> yeah paris hilton and olive stone. only here would you see the combination.
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she is the hotelks that made the phrase els can wei about but paris hilton. >> yeah, she is starring in one of the rial tv shows called the simple life. >> now, paris is running her business empire clothing, shoes and fragrance line. >> yes, i fly back there tomorrow. >> it's like a second home for you these days. >> ye oyear.
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>> what is that like? >> it's incredible. it's so much fun being on stage and amnesia is the best club in the world. >> sort of taking the spot above france and the place to spend the summer for the rich and famous. >> now, when we talk about the fragrances i said i know that she has one. you have 20 fragrances? >> 20? >> i'm sure that you picked them all because you're representing them. >> yes, i developed all of them from naming them, picking theent . >> what is yourorite?oly and
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ved perfreand to have onend to ha 20 is a dream come true. i feel so lucky and plblessed. >> do you have voice -- >> we ha known you since then. you sound a little ras pi sexy. >> no, i have a low voice in real life. >> tell us about the new little niece. >> oh she is an angle. she is the most beautiful little girl. when i held her for the first time i cried with happiness. i never saw my sister so happy. it makes me so emotional.
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ha busy with my work, and i would love to find someone that i can trust and have a famy thabeeza? >> the last place i want to find a guy. so show,hatook at , theioneer "the real housewives," "the kardashians"? whatever? >> i'm so busy i don't watch television. >> you're aware of them. >> of course. who isn't. >> the housewives" dramatic. my aunts are on it. >> that's right. yes. >> i watched the first season, but i haven't watched it since. so, yeah. definitely it's changed. "the simple life" was like a real reality show. today it's more a scripted-mostly show. >> you talked about the fact it created an image you felt was not real at all.
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kind of look? >> literally. yes. >> proved them wrong, sweetie. >> thank you. >> congrats on everything on all your success. >> good to see you. coming up, two of the hottest tv stars. get ready to steam up your wednesday night. plus the oscar-winning director, oliver stone, after this. ? alarm-ringer. outfit-slinger. three kids motivated. all before i'm caffeinated.
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academy award-winning filmmaker oliver stone has written and directed more than 20 feature films. >> among them the most influential and iconic, "jfk," "platoon" oscar for best picture.
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later oliver directed anthony hopkins in the oscar nominated "nixon." >> now back with an intense drama you're going to love called "snowden: the real stif story of nsa" stone wanted to give you a glimpse into snowden's personal life and what he left behind. take a look. >> couldn't come to hawaii to heal. did we? there's never going to be a less stressful job out do this, and if i don't do it, then -- i don't know anybody else that can. it's like i'm -- i'm on a trajectory i can't turn back from. >> oh, my god. >> hello. >> hello! >> good to see you. >> no controversy evern your life is there, oliv?
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greenwich," you two are great, looking today. >> thank you. >> you had to talk snowden into this? took a few >> i was not chasing the news, by the way. movies take a year, two years. you don't chase on those, otherwise you get killed. something comes up. yeah. we got to trust each other and then the third visit. >> was a charm. >> and we helped a lot. realistic, at the sam time checked his stories with countertheories and followed the as we talked to. ex nsa people. you don't know much about that organization. >> for good reason, i suppose. >> when it comes to snowden, people feel one way or the other. a patriot or a trayttraitor. how he signed up for the military. so he was a you know, shailene woodley plays a large role in this change but
12:23 pm
eyopenhawaii. and he comes to understand what's really going on. and i don't know if you want to talk about that, but it's -- >> we don't want to give away the movie. what i wanted to know and i asked -- i think somebody, cast members here the other day and i read in a couple interviews you did, that this is basically true. i always want to know, how much on the screen is real? >> >> and i'm -- >> nine years of a man's life. you have to -- >> take dramatic license. i get that. >> everything that happened is basically correct. and as ed has himself said in an interview last week, as close to as real as is you can get. >> and you actually -- i won't say how -- it was important to you you have him be a part of it, and -- >> that language that they speak, the things they do, the sets that you build to create this world, you need to have an
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going on in the world now, oliver, with the hacking, the dnc, now the olympic records coming out. i mean, will all of the research you've done and everything you've looked into, what is grasping to you about these leaks? no surprise? >> you've seen the surface of events here. if you go to the film you'll see he's not only revealed the mass ease dropping but revealed drone warfare in detail and cyber warfare. where did that start? cyberwarfare? against iran in 2007. our country. all the implications you're seeing now, first of all, who is to blame? who do you say did it? you can never -- it's very hard to prove. it takes work and a lot of accusations have been thrown out suleha that. more >> and interesting -- >> everybody's talking -- >> watching oliver on cnn, talking about the dnc hack one of the things that surprised me,
12:25 pm
themselves? >> well, yeah, but you know, that's aside from the point now. but there's an insider. there's an insider and a lot of intelligence people told me this. but who? nsa insider. another leaker. >> i got a feeling they're everywhere. what i know for sure. >> the nature of warfare, that too, oliver. turning 70 tomorrow.
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that's how you solve problems and that's what
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it's wines day wednesday, we play our week ly trivia day "w knew." harry has a birthday, and across the hand out $100 to anybody who gets the questions right. those who don't get a wonderful signed book. everyone's a winner. here with me is people's now royals correspondent and author of the intelligence conversation. i'm sorry. images lloyd webber. thank you for telling me i had a little lipstick on my tooth. hoda, first question.
12:31 pm
>> from -- >> important rmonterey, califor >> let's win. what sir name did prince harry use in school? >> welles. >> she's right! [ applause ] >> i didn't know that. >> prince harry's official title, his royal highness prince harry of i get it, welles? where did that come from? >> at school and in the military. another sir name. when he marries becomes a duke, duke of sex ussex. >> you said he's ready to settle down? >> i could be his grandmother. oure we go. finish the lyrics to this 1982 prince hit.
12:32 pm
? 00 party's over out of time ? >> tonight we're going to party like it' 1999! [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> nice! '1 "1999." >> his birth name actually prince. father a jazz musician, named his son after his stage royalty. back to the romans. >> your australia. >> we love everyone from australia. currently where it prince harry in the linefcefifth? >> third. >> oh -- yeah! >> yeah.
12:33 pm
he's been all three. prince william and priness kate keep having children, bumping his down. and, of course, prince harry now at number five. >> he gets to play as a result. >> he does. >> everybody uv wiloves it wheny plays. yes, they do. >> your name? >> mel. >> where are you from? >> chicago. >> mel, here we for portraying king george vi in the "king's speech"? >> colin firth. >> furth! yes! >> you're a colin firth,
12:34 pm
>> b., david bowie turned down the knighthood in 2003. >> why? >> only around the establishment. mick jagger took it in 2002, thrilled to have t. jimi hendrix, an american, a british honor as an american but it's rare. unlikely. >> so lovely to see you. thank you for being with us. l ght? they are the king and ofmetimetv. st sn t
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okay. she was naked in times square. >> who wasn't? >> his name was tattooed on her back. >> who wasn't? >> sounds like the beginning of a good time for the stars of nbc's hit show "blindspot." jamie alexander and sullivan stapleton. jamie plays jane doe in search of her own identity and sullivan plays fbi agent curt weller and
12:40 pm
was captured and rtured, sad ly by the cia. >> never warranted you to be tortured. >> i thought i was -- protecting you. all of you.heed i wrong. the people who did this to us are still out there. and they need to be stopped. >> then let's make them pay. >> yes! >> ooh, yes! >> sexual tension. >> i love it, you two! he you go. >> that's what we got out of that. >> only in the eye of th beholder. >> until later. >> oh, really? >> we hear we'll be very, very surprised by this new season? >> yes. >> we can share we do find out your real name. >> finally.
12:41 pm
you find out tonight. >> okay. anything else you can share without giving anything -- well. it's a great start to the season. directed by the show's creator. >> yeah. >> it's like we've come full socceral. >> opened up the paper, a huge thing, nbc peacock, number one drama "the blindspot." >> congrats on that. >> you have personally -- >> thanks! >> have personal buy gone through so much with the tattoos and all of that. you, really in a way were you sorry you were perked up forper up for a second? >> no. only because i get to work with him. no, but -- [ laughter ] >> we should talk about that, because there are, you guys had issues on the set. shrapnel in the leg for you, sully, right? which leg? >> and --
12:42 pm
>> whole new season to get back. >> how does it happen? >> shrapnel flying around on the set? >> there is. no. loaded up a cannon with like -- >> it hit you. tleg. h. >> the best back you've ever done, best acting? >> made it real. it's good. we fought and we -- >> jamie broke her nose, which -- and -- but weird. because it's a small break. it's on this side and you can't. i was, two days of swelling, it was over. >> didn't get the black eye. >> right here on the right side. >> amazing people there for you, makeup, incredible. >> she's incredible. she was just doing all of her magic there and then all of a sudden i looked like i did -- before. >> and didn't -- dteed surgery or anything? >> no.
12:43 pm
back to work.inist ? woman ? >> people watching "the blindspot" can you hop in now? >> we do a cool recap what happened so if you're a new viewer you won't be -- binge watch it but, like, you're going to know what's going on, and it's an easy show to come into, because we give so much information every open sewed. >> i liod >> thank you. >> your hair. i look like a lady today. >> you guys go out for beers afterwards or something? >> yeah. we hang. we do. >> i mean you'll drink whatever. >> like, great, thanks. >> we want a romance here. don't we? maybe we'll get it. maybe next time we'll -- >> the new season of "blindspot" premieres tonight right here on nbc.
12:44 pm
its regular time at 8:00. >> old people like me can watch it. plan on a little tailgating this weekend. >> and put on your game tas to get everything you need to be colorful and comfortable. go saints, go amanda, right after this.
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it's football season, and while most of the action happens on the gridiron, the real fun is the party in the parking lot. here with the most ingenious tailgating tech is theut "gadget nation"ened our gadget guy, lee greenburgh. >> you like the orange hat? >> it suits you. >> it does. >> people having fun in miami. >> for miami, per perfect. sitting on chairs with seat covers that are warm. >> really nice. >> we don't want to get up. >> amazing, cordless. all gets put into a battery pack. >> you control it. >> great for -- for used as an
12:50 pm
also great for tailgating. >> and this is when you actually have on -- sitting a little bit. this is called resto presto invented by a new yorker who loved to go to central park. basically it's a rain cover on both sides water resistant but a lot of snaps on it. you can put it -- creative, do things like make a hoodie out of it. snaps on. do all sorts of stuff to make it all warm. >> and dry. >> and dry also if you want to central park outing, whatnot. >> okay. >> folds up into a tiny bag like that. >> you can sit. >> oh, so warm. >> i love that. >> this is called -- this is the trek light and a backpack that is a backpack. store stuff in it. also a cooler. you see down here. then it opens up. when you get to wherever you're going to, you've got a chair. >> what? >> i open it up. >> you got it. >> there we go. like that. >> fantastic!
12:51 pm
>> used to fold a million of those. >> fishing or -- >> exactly. tailgating, again. this is a bluetooth speaker shaped like a football helmet. 360 sounds, three sizes. this is smallest size. and sound, partying, the way to do this. >> guacamole, please. >> i know you love guac. this is called guac lock. what it does, finished using guacol >> we're not finished using it for the day. thank you. >> take your last littlebit. >> you then can push down on it. >> i can't get it. >> push down like this and kind of -- >> push it down. >> put the top back on it and because you've smooshed it up like that. do a little more here. >> oh, my god! >> so now the leftovers can be tucked in threrefrigerator and last a really long time. we got more here.
12:52 pm
eating. >> from the guac lock. hummus and other stuff goes in there too. the tritin propane stove, official stove for the national parks foundation. cool about it, folds up. really light. has wind guards on the side of it. great way to just bring cooking outside with you. works with a propane tank. smart, simple and a great price point. $79. >> amazing! >> $79? >> next, hold and go slow cooker. cool about this is, you can keep
12:53 pm
couple from -- from rhode island. this you put them on your fingers. dress up like this. so when having wings, something like that. >> doesn't get on your fingers. >> that's ridiculous. >> easy for cleaning up. >> crazy. >> dig in. >> why wear a glove? >> wear gloves? you got to clean them. >> we need amanda avery to come in. >> recognize, these are -- >> actors. this is a football that -- >> amanda, just come in. >> glow in the dark >> what is amanda wearing? >> a lot of -- >> a fan mask. >> fan paste. have it over here. the same feel of having going to a spa. how does it feel? >> like a mud mask, i'd say from a spa. when it dried it didn't dry crunchy. you can still move. feels comfortable. >> invented by a mom of two in connecticut. >> who's your favorite team, amanda? >> say, hugh! >> go giants!
12:54 pm
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12:57 pm
oh, my gosh. >> we told you earlier what e-news was reporting. all right? we hope you have a man down. >> everybody all right? >> man down. are you all right? i'm sorry. we were going to show our aus auction winners and friends and someone took a spill. everybody all right? >> apparentl not dating adriana. she's dating a patriots wide receiver. >> ryan seacrest, call us and tell us who he's dating. that's most important. >> no. most important, you are putting yourm peril if you hoda.
12:58 pm
>> thank you all auction winners.
1:00 pm
>> abe: yeah, i got the file you emailed. fingerprints and dna match. milo harp is orpheus. i'll make sure both names are on the poster. with any luck, they weren't headed this way. >> eve: you know what? you take the baby. maybe she just needs some last-minute adjustments on the dress. i'll be right back. >> nic o >> marlena: all right, we'll get the show on the road. [laus] oh, my gosh. >> brady: [sighs] >> paul: nervous? >> brady: no. maybe a little. no, i mean, i got nothing to be nervous about. i'm marrying the love of my life, the mother of my child. today's a great day, right? [objects clatter] >> eve: oh! oh, god! oh, god! [yelling] [suspenseful music]


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